Mileage 127,594

Engine 4-CYL, 1.8 LITER

Drivetrain FWD

Stock No. 226118


Transmission AUTOMATIC

MPG CITY 26 / HWY 34



The vehicle history report shows a CLEAN TITLE on this amazing car , on top of that the automatic transmission provides for a smooth yet reliable ride.

The navigation system will appeal to car buyers who like a clean, high-tech, integrated look while getting the right directions to their destination whereas the Dodge back-up camera gives you additional safety when backing up. Avoid serious accidents and save your bumpers with the factory built-in parking sensors, what's more is having the key in your pocket is one less step and makes it easier to handle armloads of more important things. The remote engine start comes in handy during both the hottest and coldest parts of the year whereas the biggest benefit to the built-in Satellite Radio Commercial is free broadcasts and uninterrupted programming.

The hands-free calling is a great safety perk thanks to the installed Bluetooth connection, what's more is you can say goodbye to lots of CD's with the built-in MP3 player. The premium sound system delivers crystal clear music at the same time the AUX input lets you control exactly what you want to hear. The keyless entry is an added convenience option, additionally the installed stability control improves traction on slippery or icy roads.

The cruise control takes much of the foot-work out of long distance driving, not to mention the security system keeps your vehicle and belongings safe as well as saving you money on your car insurance. The heated front seats warm up before the air in the passenger compartment is fully warmed by the heater which is a big plus for cold days, what's more is now even your passengers in the back can have the comfort of heated seats. The memory seat feature makes sure that your perfect seat position is never forgotten whereas the break assist is a great safety feature that can stop this car quickly and effectively.

Since a tire pressure monitoring system helps with safety, it may lead to lower insurance premiums for your vehicle whereas the driver lumbar support makes long trips much more comfortable on the your back. The passenger lumbar support allows the co-pilot to be as comfortable as the driver, moreover the Dual-Shift transmission provides for a sport inspired driving experience. These rain sensing wipers turn on as soon as you see drops of water on your windshield, not to mention the chrome wheels are sleek and add to the value of this vehicle.

You can easily let fresh air in with the push of a button thanks to the power windows, not to mention the CD player is a must have for any daily driver. The traction control system is a great safety tool against hydroplaning in snow and rain conditions, in addition to the steering wheel audio controls let you control almost every aspect of your music without taking your hands off the wheel. Thanks to the installed power outlet, you can plug in devices when on the move.
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